Our Story

Bloody Battery™ is the brainchild of Mark Farag and Alex Kalinin, proud alumni of the University of Miami. Our paths first crossed at the University of Miami Fishing Club, where we both took on leadership roles. Those were the days of numerous charter and head boat trips, our shared passion for angling evident in every trip.

Our journey took a thrilling turn when Mark acquired a 20' CC Cobia. We couldn't resist and found ourselves fishing at every opportunity. We even took it on a trip to the Bahamas! However, post-graduation, our paths diverged. Mark pursued law school, but destiny had plans for us to reunite in Miami. Once back, our fishing adventures resumed.

Bloody Battery™ was conceived one day while trolling ballyhoo and planers, eagerly awaiting a bite. It was a casual chat that ignited a grand idea.

Our mission is simple - as passionate anglers, we're committed to aiding our fellow fishermen in achieving the ultimate joy - landing the big one. After all, at its heart, that's what fishing truly represents.

Here's to Bloody Battery™, the essence of true angling spirit!

Bloody Battery™